Washer Maintenance: Extend the Life of Your Machine

Washer Maintenance

Washer Maintenance Tips from Appliances 4 Less Little Rock

Keeping your washing machine in top condition is crucial for ensuring it runs efficiently for years to come. At Appliances 4 Less Little Rock, we not only provide top-quality open box, scratch, and dented washers but also believe in helping our customers from Little Rock and surrounding areas like Benton, Conway, and Pine Bluff, make the most of their appliances. Here are some essential washer maintenance tips to keep your machine running smoothly.

Washer Maintenance
  • Check and Clean the Filters Regularly: One of the most straightforward maintenance tasks is checking and cleaning your washer’s filters. Over time, lint and small particles can clog these filters, leading to inefficiencies or even damage. Regular cleaning ensures better performance and longevity of your washer.
  • Inspect the Hoses: The hoses connected to your washer can become a source of issues if not regularly inspected. Look for any signs of wear, tear, or leaks. Replacing hoses every few years can prevent unexpected breakdowns and water damage.
  • Use the Right Amount of Detergent: Using too much detergent can lead to build-up in your machine and on your clothes. It’s essential to use the recommended amount of detergent for your washer type and load size. This not only keeps your machine cleaner but also ensures your clothes are washed effectively.
  • Keep the Washer Clean and Dry: Mold and mildew can be a problem in washers, especially in the seals and the drum. Regularly wiping down the inside of the machine and leaving the door open after use helps keep it dry and prevents mold growth.
  • Balance Your Loads: Unbalanced loads can cause undue stress on your washer’s drum and motor. Make sure to evenly distribute clothes and avoid overloading the machine to keep it running smoothly.

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Looking for a new washer? Visit us at or stop by our store in Little Rock. Our range of open box, scratch, and dented washers are perfect for those looking for quality at an affordable price. Plus, with these washer maintenance tips, you’ll ensure your new appliance lasts for years.

Remember, taking care of your washer is a key part of home appliance maintenance. At Appliances 4 Less Little Rock, we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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