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Established in 2023, Appliances 4 Less (A4L) in Little Rock is dedicated to providing high-quality home appliances at significantly reduced prices. Located at 101 S Shackleford Rd Suite B, Little Rock, AR 72211, A4L .

Occasionally, appliances leave the factory with minor cosmetic flaws such as scratches or dents. These appliances are fully operational and offer perfect working condition despite the cosmetic issues. We purchase these appliances directly from manufacturers and provide them at a discount in our stores. We are authorized to re sell these appliances. Our deals on these scratch and dent appliances are unbeatable, guaranteed up to 60% off.

Contact us at (501) 644-0699 or visit our website at https://a4llittlerock.com/ for more information. Join us in redefining appliance shopping with great value and integrity.

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